Why Padded Mailers Are Better Than Standard Mailers

Padded Shipping EnvelopesIt has happened to everyone at least once.  You try and save a few bucks by opting for the standard mailer verses the padded mailer.  You skipped a few ingredients in the cookies anyways, so they aren’t as soft as they should be.  A standard mailer will be fine! Grandma will be so proud of the fact that you actually baked, so who cares if they arrive in a few more pieces than when originally sent?  “It will be fine, they will be fine,” you reassure yourself.  You are a college student, and do not have extra cash to spend on luxuries like “padded” mailers anyways.  You think to yourself that you are the one who should be receiving care packages, not Grandma Sue.  But it is a nice gesture, and a great way to make her feel loved. A week and a half later, because you also opted for the snail mail option, Grandma Sue gives you a buzz. “Honey, thank you for the biscotti chips.  How thoughtful of you,” she says into the phone and her masked disappointment is obvious. Whoops, you think to yourself.  Should have spent the extra $1.50 and splurged on the padded mailer this time around.  If only there were a more affordable option of obtaining these things.  The post office grossly over prices everything, and you end up spending just as much as you did on the gift you are mailing on the actual mailing supplies.

As you explain to your roommate your story of baking gone wrong and Grandma Sue’s “biscotti chips”, she informs you of a really convenient way to cut down on costs on shipping items.  Leave it to Amy; she always knows smart ways of saving money.  She is that person you see on extreme couponing, and she is darn proud of it too.  Amy pulls up a website called PackagingSupplies.com and shows you the different option of mailing envelopes.  The website has multiple options to choose from, and if you order in bulk it makes them less than a dollar a piece!  You can order multiple sizes, as well as choose from self-adhesive envelopes or envelopes that can be simply sealed with packing tape or staples. Next time you go to channel your inner Pioneer Woman, Grandma Sue will have actual delicious soft baked cookies to enjoy, rather than a crumbled crouton mess because you will happily be able to afford that padded mailer.


Poly Tubing Dispensers: What On Earth Are They For?

Poly Tubing DispensersIt is your first day on the job. Your tie is not too short, not too long.  Your pants are ironed.  Socks are matching, at least you think they are matching.  And your shoes are properly tied. Miracles really do happen.  It is an important day to impress your boss.  After the tour of the warehouse, you are ushered into your office.  As the new operations manager’s assistant, it is up to you to make sure that items are in stock and ready to be shipped out.  Your boss leaves you with these parting words: “Greg, I’m going to need you to make sure the Poly Tubing Dispensers are fully stocked by Friday.  This is extremely important.”

“You got it boss,” you mutter confidently.  A mild sweat forms on your upper brow, and your wife’s egg casserole suddenly is not sitting so well.  Extra hot sauce is never a good idea.  “Poly tubing dispensers?” you think to yourself.  “That’s a thing?”  All of the sudden it feels like any knowledge you once had is suddenly MIA and you are sure to disappoint the boss on the first day of the job.  Your computer comes to life as you frantically click on the mouse, because one click is not enough to demonstrate the sheer panic rushing through your body.  Google, as usual, saves the day as you quickly educate yourself on poly tubing dispensers.  Turns out you knew what they were for all along, but you usually referred to them as the ‘plastic roll holders’.

As you are googling you find an awesome website called PackagingSupplies.com that makes it super easy to place an order. Because you do it before 1 PM EST, they are shipped out the same day.  They come with a 1” core so it will fit any kind of poly tubing you can dream up.  Pink polly tubing, white poly tubing, polka dot poly tubing.  Whatever the poly tube, this holder will dispense the crap out of it.  There are two sizes to order from: 12” and 24”, and they are versatile enough that they will mount on your desk or even your office wall.  Your boss is going to think you are the best thing since sliced bread.  Come Friday, the shelves will be beautifully and fully stocked with the most top of the line poly tubing dispensers there are.

The Need You Didn’t Know You Had: Lamp Boxes

Lamp BoxesLamps, like other pieces of home decor, indicate your own unique style.  How many trips, store visits, and delineation efforts does it take to find the perfect lamp to fit that specific space? Better yet, when you have to find the perfect pair of lamps to balance out a bed or a table?  Normally, lamps do not come in lamp boxes.  This can cause an issue when you go to move or safely transfer the lamp to it’s final destination.  The struggle, my friends, is real. For those of you who have had to move around several times, whether it be in and out of temporary housing, moving for a job, to & from college, etc. you understand the difficulty in securing breakable items like lamps that don’t fit well into normal shipping boxes.  Everything is packed up nicely, and the lamp gets wedged in as you cross your fingers and hope for the best.  You go to unpack, and to your horror discover that there is a massive dent in one out of two of your matching lamp shades.  Not only that, but there is a chip in the base!  If only you didn’t cut that last corner so sharply. Suddenly, the lamp that miraculously did not get damaged during the move now appears sad and lonely.  How on earth are you supposed to find another matching lamp after it took you forever to pick out the perfect one to sit underneath your great grandma’s painting?

Luckily, PackagingSupplies.com provides a solution to this problem with its selection of lamp boxes. Struggle no more when it comes to safely moving that lamp that took you hours to find.  The lamp boxes at PackagingSupplies.com are corrugated and structured to specifically protect and ensure safe transfer of your beloved lamps. There are two different sizes of lamp boxes to choose from that are designed to protect and transfer most lamps. Smaller, shorter lamps along with their shades will fit nicely into the 12”X12”X40” lamp boxes, and larger, taller lamps and shades will transfer great in the 12”X12”X48” lamp boxes.  You can order these lamp boxes in an easy fashion online, and the good news is that 98% of the time, the items are ready to be shipped out that day.  Receive your lamp boxes before it’s even time to pack up for that move.  Don’t wait to protect your favorite items that indicate your unique style so you can show them off for years to come.

Benefits of Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Kraft Jewelry BoxesJewelry as a concept is quite fascinating. It is one of those things that in some ways are similar to the idea of money. You can’t eat it, you can’t build something with it (as a thing), and it wont keep you warm or protect your body in anyway. Despite it being pretty and the desire of people to have it, both would otherwise be fairly worthless. However, jewelry, unlike money has much more emotional and sentimental attachments to it.

Everything from million dollar engagement rings to $1 charm bracelets shared between best friends, jewelry has a special place in the human condition. Jewelry can represent anything from a relationship commitment to showing your personality to the world, and for this reason we as people have a special attachment to jewelry. However, what can often be a problem with the accumulation of said jewelry is that we don’t have any place to put it once it is accumulated.

This means you have to get yourself a jewelry box in order to keep everything safe and organized. However, this can often cause a problem for those of us who like to especially accumulate large amounts of jewelry. However, lucky for you, there is a solution! That solution my friends is wholesale jewelry boxes. These different boxes offer great storage systems for all your personal jewelry without you having to break the bank, so you can what else? Buy more jewelry!

Or, what if you are looking for jewelry boxes as simply to put jewelry in to gift someone? Well again, that is where wholesale jewelry boxes can come in handy. You can’t get all kinds ranging from beautiful golden glossed boxes all the way to more economical corrugated cardboard types. It really depends on the occasion and what exactly you want to do with it.

For example, there are some very neat white glossed boxes that you can bedazzle in all sorts of neat and interesting ways! In fact, if you are looking for jewelry boxes that you can make your own designs on, the white glossed box is definitely the way to go! These types of boxes offer great quality, while being very versatile with what you can do with them.

And if you were looking for where you can find these wholesale jewelry boxes, I would recommend checking out this really neat packaging retail company called packagingsupplies.com! They offer all kinds of wholesale jewelry boxes for the best prices and provide really good service in making sure your boxes get to you on time! So if you want to know more, go check them out at Packaging Supplies!

The Benefits of Getting Printed Packing Tape From PackagingSupplies.

Printed Packing TapeYou never have to compromise quality for price again thanks to PackagingSupplies.com’s full line of wholesale custom packaging tape! No matter whether you are an electrician, plumber, stage director, police department, warehouse, manufacturer, painter, or mailroom employee, PackagingSupplies.com will have all the tape you need. The best part is, that PackagingSupplies.com offers you this high quality tape in bulk and at wholesale prices that seem almost too good to be true! PackagingSupplies.com is a branch division from the company, Cleveland Packaging, Inc. In 1998, C.P., Inc. decided to open up an online retailing site, which made it convenient for anyone around the country to go and order high quality packaging products at the lowest possible prices. After they opened their doors, PackagingSupplies.com has made it a point to provide customers with the absolute best shopping experience possible. In fact, they have become so successful that they serve customers such as Starbucks, Ford, FedEx, Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, and many more. No matter your tape need, PackagingSupplies.com is sure to have it in stock. Having dozens of options to choose from, PackagingSupplies.com is ready and waiting to set you up with the highest quality tape that is backed by their Low Price Guarantee. PackagingSupplies.com sells various of different types of tape that include Printed Packing Tape, Masking Tape, Painters Tape, Electrician Tape, Barricade Tape, Label Protection Tape, Aisle Marking Tape, Double Sided Tape, Black Strapping Tape, Flatback Tape, Poly Bag Tape, Gaffers Tape, and Teflon Tape. They even have tape dispensers that will help dispense a variety of their different types of tape easily and smoothly.

But that’s not all! PackagingSupplies.com also has a couple different types of customized tape, giving you an endless amount of options! Their fist type of customized tape is the Printed Carton Sealing Tape. This high quality tape can be purchased with either a standard stock print (i.e. Caution, Fragile, This End Up), or you can send in your own logo or message to be printed directly on the tape! The second option that PackagingSupplies.com sells, is their Custom Printed Gummed Tape. This tape also has a few standard stock print options, but can also convey any logo or message you wish! Plus, this tape is extremely durable thanks to its water-activated starch based adhesive that has a more superior bond than other clear sealing tapes. Regardless of which tape you need, PackagingSupplies.com wants you to know they are here to help! Operators are standing by ready to assist you with any and every need. If you are ready to order, or want to find out more information about case quantity or pricing, go to Packaging Supplies and see how they can help you today!

Great Tips for Using Drawstring Bags

Drawstring BagsWhether you are a professional baker or you simply love sharing your baked creations with family and friends, it is important to learn how to ship these mouthwatering creations safely. Mailed baked goods are heartwarming gifts and they can also be a great source of additional income if they are shipped correctly and promptly. No one wants to receive stale cookies, flat donuts, or melted candies. Listed below are a few tips for packaging baked goods in high-quality clear drawstring bags and other packaging materials.

Before you start packaging your baked goods in clear drawstring bags and shipping them in various parts of the country (or world), you should know what type of baked goods ship best. In addition, you should also consider the best time for shipping these delicious delicacies. For instance, you might want to ship glazed and frosted goodies; however, you should avoid doing so during the warmer months. If deliveries must be made, then you should consider packing the frosting in a different packaging so the recipient can add the frosting once it arrives. When shipping baked goods with frosting, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Frostings should be kept cool so that they won’t melt during shipping.
  • Frosting can also make the cake or cookies soggy during transit, especially when mailed during warm months.

You should consider talking to your packaging supplier whether they have clear drawstring bags, which are specifically made for food with frostings. If possible, try to ship treats that are hearty and sturdy, such as quick breads, cookies, brownies, and candies.

Tips for Packaging Baked Goods

When mailing your delicious goodies, you should first look for high-quality clear drawstring bags. Another option is to package the goods in airtight containers or bags. In addition, you should avoid packing different types of goods in the same container. Doing so might affect the taste of the other goods. Most importantly, do not bake and ship the treats in the same day you baked them. Remember to let goods cool down completely before you start packing them in bakery boxes.

  • When wrapping cookies, it is best to use clear drawstring bags. First, you should place a wax paper in between the cookies to keep them from sticking together. Each pair of cookie should be placed in a different plastic bag. Another option is to use cookie boxes, which can be bought from your local packaging supplier, such as PackagingSupplies.com.
  • You should also use wax paper to separate the candies in layers. You can place the candies in a tin container or in candy boxes to keep them safe and protected during transit.
  • If you are shipping quick breads, cakes, or donuts, wrap each slice with a plastic wrap and place them inside a sturdy container. You can also use layered cake boxes or containers that will fit a dozen donuts. Make sure that the baked goods won’t shift around too much during transit.

These are just a few tips for packaging baked goods for shipping. You should talk to your packaging supplier about your options and what types of packaging materials they recommend.

The Benefits of Kraft Paper Rolls

Kraft Paper RollsWith industrialization and modernization, demand for various metals has raised throughout the world. They are necessary component for buildings, machinery, transport equipment, etc. Also, we know that not all the resources are evenly distributed throughout the world. While Arab countries are rich in oil, Australia has good uranium deposit. These goods are transported from one place to other so that countries or regions having sparse supply meet their demands. Now in order to protect the goods, they are thoroughly wrapped and packed so as to minimize the damage caused due to mishandling of goods and facilitate efficient transportation. The packaging material used depends on the prospective damages the product might suffer from.

To answer the question what is Kraft Paper Rolls is one such material used for efficient and safe transportation of metals and other goods made from them. They inhibit moisture from reacting with metal and safeguards metal.

Although Kraft Paper Rolls is an effective solution for protection, its efficiency varies with a number of factors. It can be purchased from market in a couple different forms. There are possible inhibitors for the suitability of a particular packaging job, but for the most part it can help you with packing almost any particular product.

Length and width of metal determines the type of Kraft Paper Rolls and whether it will be appropriate for packaging. For packaging of non-uniform products, roll is a better option while for uniformly sized metal, sheet of appropriate size will be better. Weight of metal will determine the strength of Kraft Paper Rolls you should use. It should be strong enough to not tear or puncture easily when loading. Climate conditions also determine the strength of single face Kraft paper rolls.

For example, it should be able to stand high temperatures if being transported to or stored in extreme weather conditions. A metal component with grease residue on its surface should be separated in order to segregate it from other package contents, as that may cause some issues in transport. The larger the size of container, the more amount of Kraft Paper Rolls that should be placed in the container to make sure it is appropriate for you packaging project.

Thus, that is a broad overview of what Kraft Paper Rolls is and the product delivery/ storage conditions that are necessary for determining the appropriate strength, size, and type of single face Kraft rolls for packaging. So make sure to go through this checklist again when you are in the process of putting together your Kraft paper rolls.

General Information on Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Poly BagLooking for the secure, most trusted, and the top packaging supplies company? Packagingsupplies.com is here for you. We are the fastest company who provides quality service at all times, and across all the regions in the world. Our quality gusseted poly bags are the best thing to use because they are durable, hence 100% guarantee on the safety of your products. The products come in different sizes that fit your desire and great prices for each. Convenience and affordability is something you do not have to doubt.

We have expertise and experienced customer service that is 24/7 available to direct you on where to get the products. We provide shipping solutions for every kind of product you want to transport everywhere in the world, which suit every question you may have concerning shipping. All our products are designed to perform different works; our service is always a guarantee of perfect work of gusseted poly bags, which protects your goods in every aspect.

We have a wide range of offers for our customers; you are always welcomed to experience great offers that come along with the purchase of gusseted poly bags The offers are available in different categories which are the best, and you definitely do not have to miss out on these great and amazing offers. As a customer, we always value you so you can enjoy the offers is our pleasure.

Packagingsupplies.com has a long history from back to present providing quality service throughout the region. The excellent service to the customer increased its popularity and enhanced its growth. We have been consistent in the market, bringing all new and smart work into the community through the gusseted poly bags. Our history has a rich customer review, which made us the #1 in shipping market.

How safe and secure are the Gusseted Poly Bags?
The product is made from quality and durable materials hence secure delivery is definitely sure and the safety of your products is 100%. Each product has a feature that protects your commodity from damage. The community is also our priority while producing this product; it is friendly to the environment, which makes it acceptable and mostly used for its wide range of advantages to the community.

What is the guarantee of quality service?
Throughout the years, we have been the first and the number one company –always in touch with the customers, giving them quality service. Expert customer service makes the client fully satisfied by making sure that the shipped product is the right quantity, shape, and desired color that the customer ordered. This definitely is our guarantee for quality gusseted poly bags.

How do I make on order for the Gusseted Poly Bags?
Our website is the best place to visit and make your order. There is always a guaranteed service to take the order. You can also call our supportive customer service, which takes the order from you and makes sure that you receive it in good timing and the right ordered product. It is safe to make an order in either way.

Buying Moving Boxes: The Different Types

moving-boxesAnyone who has ever moved from one location to another knows how much of a pain it can be. Trying to gather all your things and pack them away in a timely and organized manner can sometimes prove to be difficult at best. Plus, gathering the right kind and amount of boxes can seem like mission impossible. However, thanks to PackingSupplies.com there is a much easier way. They offer a full line of moving boxes at wholesale prices to help you turn your moving nightmare into an event of ease.

PackingSupplies.com is an online wholesale company that was formed after Cleveland Packing, Inc., decided they wanted to be able to serve a larger market. From its start, PackingSupplies.com has made it their priority to provide the best possible product at prices that can’t be beat. Their incredible customer service has helped thousand of customers all over this country, with some of them including Mercedes, Fed Ex, Untied States Post Office, Wal*Mart, and many more. Plus, with distribution centers in Dallas, L.A., Cleveland, Greenville, New York, and Chicago they can get your products to you quickly and efficiently.

PackingSupplies.com offers six different types of moving boxes with dozens of sizes. Ranging from regular moving boxes to boxes that are designed to fit your valuable golf clubs, they can help you with your every moving box need. Plus, they have a Moving Kit where you’ll get 5 small boxes, 4 medium boxes, 2 large boxes, 1 mirror picture frame box, 2 bubble wrap rolls, 2 rolls of packing tape, and even a magic marker to make sure you can properly mark boxes to avoid confusion when you reach your new destination.

Some other boxes they offer are their regular packing boxes. They have three different sizes small, medium, and large. They also have Dish Packing boxes designed specifically for you to be able to pack away even the most expensive china neatly and safely. If you need a box for a lamp, then it’s no problem. Coming in two different sizes, PackingSupplies.com can make sure your lamps make it safely from point A to point B. Not only do they have all of these boxes, but they also have boxes for your stereo that is designed to fit most stereo components. Plus, picture frame boxes that come in three different sizes and golf club boxes that come in two different sizes making sure your clubs stay safe and sound for the next time you hit the green.

No matter the moving box need, PackingSupplies.com can help. They are here to provide you with the best possible service. Their products are high quality and come at prices that can’t be beat. So the next time you’re packing up your house, office, apartment, dorm room, or garage let PackingSupplies.com help make your moving day pain and hassle free!

The Benefits of Clear Packing Tape

Clear Packing TapeIt is difficult to tell who can be trusted and who cannot be trusted. People, companies, and other businesses that deliver parcels to their clients cannot be trusted 100% whether or not they can safely deliver a parcel without tampering with it. For this reason, people have invented other safer means that ensure their parcels have not been tampered with before delivery to the right person. That is why world leading companies such as PackageSupplies.com are producing clear packing tape that ensure that a package is sealed completely and that any chances of it being tampered with can be easily detected.

One of the major benefits of using clear packing tape is that these tapes cannot be easily removed without showing signs of being tampered with. No one can accept any parcel that is showing obvious signs of broken seals. Any parcel that’s compromised may lack one or more documents that might have been stolen. Forensic experts mostly rely on sealed evidence because they are aware that it is a vital thing and can easily be tampered with. Therefore, sealing the cartons containing the evidence provides a good chain of custody.

Sealing laboratory samples with clear packing tape ensures that samples retain their original characteristics even under extreme environmental conditions such as cold, heat, and humidity. These tapes also protect packaged samples such as blood, stool, urine, saliva, sweat, etc. from external contamination by dust, water, and microorganism from the air. This is the reason why many practitioners from various fields opt to seal their samples with tapes before transportation.

All clear packing tape is transparent and one can easily see through them. Most business companies label their brand on the sealing tapes. Therefore, using these clear sealing tapes to seal their cartons ensures that their label can be read easily and clearly. Other people indicate the recipient’s name on the cartons and so by using transparent sealing tapes it ensures that the name can still be read.

Clear packing tape also makes the parcel neat and attractive compared to other means of sealing cartons without using tapes. When parcels look neat and attractive, they can effectively yield more customer trust and clientele for an institution that engages in carton packaging services, thus helping to retain and grow their customer base. Most businesses, companies, organizations, and institutions are trying to be smart in customer satisfaction; therefore, they do that by ensuring neatness and attractiveness. Sealing with other methods can also be a bother when transporting parcels since they can lead to irregular shapes which is cumbersome when packing. Parcels sealed with sealing tapes take formal shapes; therefore during transit, it’s normally a smooth process.

However, clear packing tape has its disadvantages too. Most sealing tapes are made from non-renewable resources, thus posit on the one use dictum – where they are then disposed off after their use. These have made them unreliable to some merchandise, but all in all, sealing cartons using sealing tapes remains the most effective and affordable method.