Painting Tape Makes Life Easier

Painting TapeHow many painting mistakes does it take before you finally realize that your hand is not as steady as you thought it was? Your dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon are shattered, and you realize that cutting hair probably is not your thing.  You think you are too cool to be restrained by things like painting tape, but in all actuality your living room would not look slanted if you would have swallowed your Michelangelo pride.

As an artist, it is hard for me personally to paint straight lines.  I am the person mentioned above, and my husband wants to strangle me by the end of a painting project. To me, precise painting is equivalent to a cooking recipe or instructions on the back of a box. I do what I want, as Cartman from South Park would say.  However, if I am honest with myself, I realize that there is a time and a place for guidelines.  And a painting project is most certainly one of them.  Painting tape really does make life easier.  You will actually save time during your painting project by taking this extra step because you will not have to paint so darn slowly in order to get that perfectly straight line.  The tape is there to do your work for you!

Nowadays, more and more people are shopping online.  It is much more conducive to the busy lifestyles most Americans lead.  Home Depot is the last place you want to go after a long day’s work.  Luckily for us, we live in a country where the world wide web is right at our fingertips.  We can order things to the house without even having to change out of our Snoopy PJ pants.  At you can easily select between multiple types of painting tape prior to your upcoming project, and receive it within a couple days.  If you order before 1PM EST, it will ship the same day.  You can order in bulk as well in order to cut down on costs.  This will save you from going back and forth to the store mid-project.  Do not waste your time by trying to paint the new living room free-handed, and order your painting tape in advance from to ensure a neat, well-done job.  Straight lines, happy spouse; painting tape really does make your life easier.