Why Padded Mailers Are Better Than Standard Mailers

Padded Shipping EnvelopesIt has happened to everyone at least once.  You try and save a few bucks by opting for the standard mailer verses the padded mailer.  You skipped a few ingredients in the cookies anyways, so they aren’t as soft as they should be.  A standard mailer will be fine! Grandma will be so proud of the fact that you actually baked, so who cares if they arrive in a few more pieces than when originally sent?  “It will be fine, they will be fine,” you reassure yourself.  You are a college student, and do not have extra cash to spend on luxuries like “padded” mailers anyways.  You think to yourself that you are the one who should be receiving care packages, not Grandma Sue.  But it is a nice gesture, and a great way to make her feel loved. A week and a half later, because you also opted for the snail mail option, Grandma Sue gives you a buzz. “Honey, thank you for the biscotti chips.  How thoughtful of you,” she says into the phone and her masked disappointment is obvious. Whoops, you think to yourself.  Should have spent the extra $1.50 and splurged on the padded mailer this time around.  If only there were a more affordable option of obtaining these things.  The post office grossly over prices everything, and you end up spending just as much as you did on the gift you are mailing on the actual mailing supplies.

As you explain to your roommate your story of baking gone wrong and Grandma Sue’s “biscotti chips”, she informs you of a really convenient way to cut down on costs on shipping items.  Leave it to Amy; she always knows smart ways of saving money.  She is that person you see on extreme couponing, and she is darn proud of it too.  Amy pulls up a website called PackagingSupplies.com and shows you the different option of mailing envelopes.  The website has multiple options to choose from, and if you order in bulk it makes them less than a dollar a piece!  You can order multiple sizes, as well as choose from self-adhesive envelopes or envelopes that can be simply sealed with packing tape or staples. Next time you go to channel your inner Pioneer Woman, Grandma Sue will have actual delicious soft baked cookies to enjoy, rather than a crumbled crouton mess because you will happily be able to afford that padded mailer.


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