Poly Tubing Dispensers: What On Earth Are They For?

Poly Tubing DispensersIt is your first day on the job. Your tie is not too short, not too long.  Your pants are ironed.  Socks are matching, at least you think they are matching.  And your shoes are properly tied. Miracles really do happen.  It is an important day to impress your boss.  After the tour of the warehouse, you are ushered into your office.  As the new operations manager’s assistant, it is up to you to make sure that items are in stock and ready to be shipped out.  Your boss leaves you with these parting words: “Greg, I’m going to need you to make sure the Poly Tubing Dispensers are fully stocked by Friday.  This is extremely important.”

“You got it boss,” you mutter confidently.  A mild sweat forms on your upper brow, and your wife’s egg casserole suddenly is not sitting so well.  Extra hot sauce is never a good idea.  “Poly tubing dispensers?” you think to yourself.  “That’s a thing?”  All of the sudden it feels like any knowledge you once had is suddenly MIA and you are sure to disappoint the boss on the first day of the job.  Your computer comes to life as you frantically click on the mouse, because one click is not enough to demonstrate the sheer panic rushing through your body.  Google, as usual, saves the day as you quickly educate yourself on poly tubing dispensers.  Turns out you knew what they were for all along, but you usually referred to them as the ‘plastic roll holders’.

As you are googling you find an awesome website called PackagingSupplies.com that makes it super easy to place an order. Because you do it before 1 PM EST, they are shipped out the same day.  They come with a 1” core so it will fit any kind of poly tubing you can dream up.  Pink polly tubing, white poly tubing, polka dot poly tubing.  Whatever the poly tube, this holder will dispense the crap out of it.  There are two sizes to order from: 12” and 24”, and they are versatile enough that they will mount on your desk or even your office wall.  Your boss is going to think you are the best thing since sliced bread.  Come Friday, the shelves will be beautifully and fully stocked with the most top of the line poly tubing dispensers there are.


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