The Need You Didn’t Know You Had: Lamp Boxes

Lamp BoxesLamps, like other pieces of home decor, indicate your own unique style.  How many trips, store visits, and delineation efforts does it take to find the perfect lamp to fit that specific space? Better yet, when you have to find the perfect pair of lamps to balance out a bed or a table?  Normally, lamps do not come in lamp boxes.  This can cause an issue when you go to move or safely transfer the lamp to it’s final destination.  The struggle, my friends, is real. For those of you who have had to move around several times, whether it be in and out of temporary housing, moving for a job, to & from college, etc. you understand the difficulty in securing breakable items like lamps that don’t fit well into normal shipping boxes.  Everything is packed up nicely, and the lamp gets wedged in as you cross your fingers and hope for the best.  You go to unpack, and to your horror discover that there is a massive dent in one out of two of your matching lamp shades.  Not only that, but there is a chip in the base!  If only you didn’t cut that last corner so sharply. Suddenly, the lamp that miraculously did not get damaged during the move now appears sad and lonely.  How on earth are you supposed to find another matching lamp after it took you forever to pick out the perfect one to sit underneath your great grandma’s painting?

Luckily, provides a solution to this problem with its selection of lamp boxes. Struggle no more when it comes to safely moving that lamp that took you hours to find.  The lamp boxes at are corrugated and structured to specifically protect and ensure safe transfer of your beloved lamps. There are two different sizes of lamp boxes to choose from that are designed to protect and transfer most lamps. Smaller, shorter lamps along with their shades will fit nicely into the 12”X12”X40” lamp boxes, and larger, taller lamps and shades will transfer great in the 12”X12”X48” lamp boxes.  You can order these lamp boxes in an easy fashion online, and the good news is that 98% of the time, the items are ready to be shipped out that day.  Receive your lamp boxes before it’s even time to pack up for that move.  Don’t wait to protect your favorite items that indicate your unique style so you can show them off for years to come.


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