Great Tips for Using Drawstring Bags

Drawstring BagsWhether you are a professional baker or you simply love sharing your baked creations with family and friends, it is important to learn how to ship these mouthwatering creations safely. Mailed baked goods are heartwarming gifts and they can also be a great source of additional income if they are shipped correctly and promptly. No one wants to receive stale cookies, flat donuts, or melted candies. Listed below are a few tips for packaging baked goods in high-quality clear drawstring bags and other packaging materials.

Before you start packaging your baked goods in clear drawstring bags and shipping them in various parts of the country (or world), you should know what type of baked goods ship best. In addition, you should also consider the best time for shipping these delicious delicacies. For instance, you might want to ship glazed and frosted goodies; however, you should avoid doing so during the warmer months. If deliveries must be made, then you should consider packing the frosting in a different packaging so the recipient can add the frosting once it arrives. When shipping baked goods with frosting, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Frostings should be kept cool so that they won’t melt during shipping.
  • Frosting can also make the cake or cookies soggy during transit, especially when mailed during warm months.

You should consider talking to your packaging supplier whether they have clear drawstring bags, which are specifically made for food with frostings. If possible, try to ship treats that are hearty and sturdy, such as quick breads, cookies, brownies, and candies.

Tips for Packaging Baked Goods

When mailing your delicious goodies, you should first look for high-quality clear drawstring bags. Another option is to package the goods in airtight containers or bags. In addition, you should avoid packing different types of goods in the same container. Doing so might affect the taste of the other goods. Most importantly, do not bake and ship the treats in the same day you baked them. Remember to let goods cool down completely before you start packing them in bakery boxes.

  • When wrapping cookies, it is best to use clear drawstring bags. First, you should place a wax paper in between the cookies to keep them from sticking together. Each pair of cookie should be placed in a different plastic bag. Another option is to use cookie boxes, which can be bought from your local packaging supplier, such as
  • You should also use wax paper to separate the candies in layers. You can place the candies in a tin container or in candy boxes to keep them safe and protected during transit.
  • If you are shipping quick breads, cakes, or donuts, wrap each slice with a plastic wrap and place them inside a sturdy container. You can also use layered cake boxes or containers that will fit a dozen donuts. Make sure that the baked goods won’t shift around too much during transit.

These are just a few tips for packaging baked goods for shipping. You should talk to your packaging supplier about your options and what types of packaging materials they recommend.


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