Buying Moving Boxes: The Different Types

moving-boxesAnyone who has ever moved from one location to another knows how much of a pain it can be. Trying to gather all your things and pack them away in a timely and organized manner can sometimes prove to be difficult at best. Plus, gathering the right kind and amount of boxes can seem like mission impossible. However, thanks to there is a much easier way. They offer a full line of moving boxes at wholesale prices to help you turn your moving nightmare into an event of ease. is an online wholesale company that was formed after Cleveland Packing, Inc., decided they wanted to be able to serve a larger market. From its start, has made it their priority to provide the best possible product at prices that can’t be beat. Their incredible customer service has helped thousand of customers all over this country, with some of them including Mercedes, Fed Ex, Untied States Post Office, Wal*Mart, and many more. Plus, with distribution centers in Dallas, L.A., Cleveland, Greenville, New York, and Chicago they can get your products to you quickly and efficiently. offers six different types of moving boxes with dozens of sizes. Ranging from regular moving boxes to boxes that are designed to fit your valuable golf clubs, they can help you with your every moving box need. Plus, they have a Moving Kit where you’ll get 5 small boxes, 4 medium boxes, 2 large boxes, 1 mirror picture frame box, 2 bubble wrap rolls, 2 rolls of packing tape, and even a magic marker to make sure you can properly mark boxes to avoid confusion when you reach your new destination.

Some other boxes they offer are their regular packing boxes. They have three different sizes small, medium, and large. They also have Dish Packing boxes designed specifically for you to be able to pack away even the most expensive china neatly and safely. If you need a box for a lamp, then it’s no problem. Coming in two different sizes, can make sure your lamps make it safely from point A to point B. Not only do they have all of these boxes, but they also have boxes for your stereo that is designed to fit most stereo components. Plus, picture frame boxes that come in three different sizes and golf club boxes that come in two different sizes making sure your clubs stay safe and sound for the next time you hit the green.

No matter the moving box need, can help. They are here to provide you with the best possible service. Their products are high quality and come at prices that can’t be beat. So the next time you’re packing up your house, office, apartment, dorm room, or garage let help make your moving day pain and hassle free!


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