Great Bubble Wrap Packaging: Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Rolls

Anti-Static Bubble Wrap RollsPackage safety is always a priority when putting together a shipment. That is why offers a full line of anti-static bubble wrap rolls that is guaranteed to keep your most fragile items safe during transportation. The best part is they off their Low Price Guarantee, which assures you the absolute lowest price for the highest quality product! is an online wholesale retailer that is dedicated to providing the market with the absolute best packaging products. They don’t believe you should have to compromise quality for price, which is why they offer their Low Price Guarantee on all their products. No matter your packaging need, is here to help you in anyway they can!

When you order your bubble wrap packaging and cushioning foam wrap from, you will have numerous selections. First off they sell the all-famous Sealed Air Brand Bubble Wrap. This bubble wrap is manufactured with each individual bubble having two layers of linear low-density polyethylene for better tensile strength. They sell this bubble wrap by the roll, or you can choose from boxed bubble wrap rolls, bubble-out bags, or a variety of different kinds of anti-static bubble wrap.

One of the top choices though is anti-static bubble wrap rolls. These bags come either already inflated or void-fill, and are perfect for protecting your package against damage during shipment. Plus, they are a low cost alternative to otherwise expensive packaging, and they are lightweight. Helping to keep shipping costs even lower.

The Packing Peanuts are a particular good choice when trying to protect a package from damage because they are able to fill in the loose space between your items and the inner box wall. Eliminating movement during transportation. There are several peanut options to choose from including white packing peanuts or anti-static pink packing peanuts, and for those who are environmentally friendly recycled green packing peanuts and biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts.

Poly Foam Products are another protective shipping product that sells. These are ideal for cushioning and cradling your product, and can help eliminate damage from forklifts and even poor stacking. A few options in this category are polyethylene foam rolls, foam pouches, light duty foam pouches, and Styrofoam Corner & Edge Protection.

All of’s anti static bubble wrap rolls are guaranteed to be the highest quality. But don’t expect to pay a high price! All of these can be yours at an unbelievably low price. To order, all you have to do is go to Packaging Supplies and purchase your very own bubble wrap packaging today!


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