The Best Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Moving BoxesDo you ever wish that you could make your mail more like you? Do you wish your cardboard shipping boxes could show a little more personality and blend into the rest just a little less? With and their variety of labels, tapes, printed papers, and poly wraps, your package can go from drab to fab in minutes, without costing you a fortune!

Let’s start with your perfect item. It can be food or the perfect plate you found for your just married friends. How do you want to pack it? Do you need foam, packaging peanuts, or is protective paper the way to go? Are you unsure? Give the folks at a call and let them help you. They’re the experts. What size of box do you need? has over 800 sizes to choose from on cardboard shipping boxes. Make sure you get the right fit for your piece!

Now it’s time to seal your cardboard shipping box. What kind of tape do you want to use? has colored packing tape, colored duct tape, and duct tape that comes in a variety of patterns! You can even use a combination of the above. never makes you order a certain amount of an item. No matter how small or big the order is, it can ship, usually the same day if the order is made before 1:00 pm EST. So feel free to order as much or as little of an item as you want. The only thing that holds you back is your imagination. Tape will keep your item safe and airtight in the box and can make it stand out at the same time.

Next, you need an address label. has shipping labels galore! You can choose from a variety of colors to spice up the look of your mail. These items are created and mailed to you from for use in either your inkjet or laser printers. You can also custom make labels with your address, your name, or your company’s name or logo. This is a great way to make your box stand out when it arrives at the door!

If you want to, you can add one extra layer of fun. If you want to completely camouflage the look of the flat rate shipping cartons, you can cover them with paper. offers a wide array of giftwrap to spruce up the look of flat rate shipping cartons to where they are almost unrecognizable as mail and look just like a gift on the door step of the recipient!

When it comes to cardboard shipping boxes and packing, has thought of everything. From the beginning to the end, you can create personalized gifts and products at their website. And everything they create comes with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. This reliability has earned them accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. They accept all major forms of credit cards, PayPal, and once you pass the credit application, you can even qualify for invoice billing.


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